dress it up

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Thinking there are days when black leggings and a black tank could be all you really need or want. Thinking also that if I served chicken every night I might not have many dinner guests. 🙂

These photos taken on the iPhone, on Christmas Eve. Being a little overachieving kind of overdid it the month of December and wound up not feeling great the day we all landed in San Diego, December 20th. That bug is still hanging around and promptly went to the doc, today, the 29th, first day back on the east coast.

This is the every day and sometimes you’ve just gotta dress it up, good or bad. Photos don’t do the clothes credit but wearing the best darn black leggings around. Didn’t feel great but dressed it up anyways for dinner with that dress picked up at a market in France, black Wolford tights, flat black boots, and hair up high. Family thought I looked great, fake it till you make it.

Every day dress, dress it up.

Here’s to good health everyone, happy Monday.

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  1. Well you looked absolutely fabulous !! Hope your feeling better Rebecca…All the best in the New Year…

    • Thank you, JoAnn. Wishing you and yours all the best in the New Year as well. xo

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