lighten up


Light grey jeans, pale heather grey cashmere pullover, black puffer, grey and gold handbag, guessing it’s time soon to lighten up. Photo taken last day in La Jolla before heading back east.

Got weighed at the doc’s yesterday, oh, boy. Highest number we’ve seen since pregnant with the twins, twenty-four years ago. Thinking this higher number is not a unique phenomenon this time of year. It’s been fun.

Move some more, walk the dogs longer, eat and drink some less, wear some great clothes.

Every day dress, and this is a sensitive one, lighten up.

Thanks for reading everyone. As we all head towards 2015 may the year ahead bring you health, wellness, and good looks. 🙂


Oldest daughter, one of those twins, shared the above from her Instagram. Pretty much sums things up.

Instagram | 25park

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  1. Smoking !? I’m shocked you smoke!
    Happy new year ! Got your Christmas card today

    • Only sometimes and only in Europe
      Happy New Year to you too! Sent you a 50th birthday card but it got returned to me, glad you got the Christmas card, did you guys move? Waited for yours to arrive for correct address.

      • I couldn’t smoke while in Europe we always walk or bicycle so much I would be dying
        Happy new year to you & your family
        I can’t believe our kids are so grown up

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