dressing for dinner

Lizzie, me, and Peanut. We got dressed in a flash after kind of throwing a bunch of other options on the floor. Yes, we’ll rehang, you probably know how it is. A dress makes getting out the door easy. Lizzie is wearing a dress I picked out for her in Greenville SC for a Furman social, Peanut is wearing a dress I bought for myself years ago in Charleston SC. Collecting good dresses is a thing.

Currently in St. Pete’s Florida and invariably we will dress for dinner. Visiting our second daughter Booie who has made her home here as a writer, a creative, love that. She’s disciplined and at her desk every single morning, putting words on the page, and oh how I love that. She’s practicing her craft. 

I’m smiling because I’m dressed and out the door. A long dress and flat sandals are my recent go-to’s. I bought this dress in NYC three years ago, it’s got legs.

One of the things I’ve been practicing all these years is dressing for dinner. Even when all hell’s broke loose and I’m not even sure how dinner will go down I always like to take a pause and refresh: it could be a swipe of lipstick, a fresh white shirt, or an altogether change up. I like to think that my girls have picked up on this, they too like to run upstairs and do a little self-care before we all break bread. Dressing for dinner says I’m happy to be here, let’s share all that’s good in the world. 

Last week husband took us all downtown for spontaneous dinner outdoors. Thank goodness for the rolling rack of dresses in the guest room where we all kind of dump our stuff, the three of us got dressed fast, as dressing for dinner is a thing. 

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