quick pickles and more

six simple ingredients and you have refrigerator pickles

Last weekend for the first time I made pickles. They were quick refrigerator pickles and I’m really not sure why I never made them before.

Sometimes I use food to get the people in my life around me, not going to lie. 

chives from the garden and marinade for the chicken
I buy two whole chickens and break them down with those amazing poultry shears I bought in France. I also buy extra thighs and legs.
shucking peas from the farm share
cherries were eaten out of hand, the corn was cut off the cob and incorporated into a green bean, fresh pea medley, and the berries were topped with flour, brown sugar, vanilla, a stick of butter cut in and baked off in a 375 degree oven for an easy summer ‘pudding’

My two youngest have developed nicely into foodies, shocker, and last weekend they were comfortably air-conditioned and city-side and really didn’t want to make the hour plus trip to the country-side, street and highway construction going on all over. 

oh! and I mashed some potatoes! candles and wine almost always on the table…
Sunday morning breakfast, Ruth Reichl’s World’s Best Pancakes
Sunday night dinner

I think the fact that I had marinated a bunch of organic chicken for the barbeque and turned out some quick pickles helped them to get in the car and join us for dinner.

The blueberry pancakes they had the next morning, definitely click on this link for the World’s Best Pancake recipe by Ruth Reichl.

Thursday’s farm share included pickling cucumbers, and an onion, and here’s how I put them together:

2 cups water

2/3 cups apple cider vinegar

2 teaspoons kosher salt

2 teaspoons sugar

Sliced pickling cucumbers

Sliced onion

Combine first four ingredients. Stuff canning jar with vegetables and pour liquid over to cover. I used a rubber band to secure the lid. Refrigerate. Enjoy. They were ready to eat a few hours later, just in time for dinner. So easy!

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