easing into the new year


Kind of wish I could say the outfit was great, the hair and house clean, the make-up on and the manicure and pedicure done. Not so. Took down the tree, the garlands, the wreaths, and all that goes with it.

We are easing into the new year. Traveled many miles, been many places, fed many mouths, east coast-west coast, and, like life, it goes on and on.

A few photos and notes from the last twenty-four hours:

Homemade croutons with butter, olive oil, kosher salt and garlic from day old bread are better than potato chips.


Kale is allover, I like it straight and for crowds mix it in with romaine for a more modern caesar salad. Rosemary Balsamic Chicken with wild rice and broccoli at the ski house.



You can cook and serve dinner in a leather shirt. ūüôā Leather gets better with age and you really only need to wipe it off with a little water and white vinegar to spot clean it.


Hydrangea can be rehydrated by recutting stems, soaking in bowling water for 3o seconds or so, and soaking in a sink.


Cook two tenderloin at once, you never know how many might show for dinner when you have kids, house-guests, etc etc. Then on a Saturday night after traveling all day again you can make the Barefoot Contessa’s Filet of Beef Bourguignon. I didn’t pan-fry, simply slice after the thing was cooked and re-heat in all that good wine broth. Put a little tri-color pasta underneath. Her’s looks better than mine, that’s okay, kept everyone happy at the table. Everyone at the table is good.

IMG_6706138_ 123 Filet of Beef Bourguignon

Even though this post is called easing into the new year, with other’s you love around you have to do that, I am also going with the feeling of make it happen. Make it happen posts coming next.

Wishing everyone the feeling of easing into the new year, and, come Monday or whatever day works for you, the feeling of make it happen.

Nothing like a camouflage tank, black bra, and long pendant when your cooking finally at home, and don’t have to go anywhere for the entire evening.

Every day dress, easing into the new year. Thank you all for reading. Husband tells me what happened last year or even yesterday doesn’t count. One of my hopes for 2014 is to inspire women to dress, cook, love, a bit every day.


Last photo courtesy of Melanie Acevedo | Barefoot Contessa 





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  1. Glad I found this blog, look forward to reading your posts. You inspire me to NOT reach for the lululemon, light some candles for our meals…
    Happy New Year

    • Thank you for your nice comment and for reading. I am with you, it is so easy to stay in the yoga pants, but making the effort makes it worthwhile. Happy New Year to you and yours as well.

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