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Pantone recently announced its 2013 color of the year and in case you missed it, emerald green.

Been absolutely loving the Brunello Cucinnelli marketing campaign and here are the boots I picked up at Saks Fifth Avenue in San Francisco, CA.

What’s the tie-in? 50% off. All clothing in photos currently 50% off at sample sale. Crew-neck, tunic jacket, both in emerald green, flannel white skinny jean, and contoured belt, all 50% off. Silk blouse and skirt, 50% off. And there’s more. For info on sample sale email rebecca@everydaydress.com. This is what I do, dress women in beautiful clothing. And at 50% now is a great time.

Cuccinelli boots? Scored those beauties at 50% off too.

For me emerald green represents rejuvenation, renewal, and prosperity. Wishing us all that for 2013.

Happy Wednesday.

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  1. One of my favorite colors 🙂 The green looks amazing on you and love your boots!

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