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When your closet has some good-looking, multi season pieces, getting away somewhere south causes no ‘what do I wear?’ panic.

These clothes here? While we are all looking, and most likely buying if you shop ahead of season, at Spring Summer 2013 and even pre Fall 2013, these pieces are Fall 2012 and look fresh. Bonus points? All pulled together from sample sale at 50% off. Every day dress has helped many women stock their closets with good-looking, multi season pieces.

For a quick getaway down south consider keeping all accessories neutral. Wear maybe one piece of statement jewelry that can be quickly removed for airport security.

This outfit is yes again, skinny flannel white’s, same as in yesterday’s post, flannel white tank, and navy wrap jacket. (love the ribbon belt that comes with it.) All are samples borrowed from sample sale. All, 50% off. Thinking you can’t or won’t pull off white skinny jeans? We can do a fuller leg. Or even a column of navy with that same jacket switched up to flannel white. (The flannel white one is gorgeous, have that sweet piece size 12, if you are interested.)

Hey, that every day dress woman wears her pants kind of tight. We’ve talked about that before, here. It’s the body and it’s okay.  In fact, almost every single client I see, and these women range from size 0 to 20, all have some issue with what they wear on their body. Believe it or not my size 0’s are pretty much the toughest on themselves.

Philosophy of every day dress? Relax, wear beautiful clothing, exercise so you feel good, and embrace the size you are.

Every day dress is not headed south, only virtually for this post. Here, in upstate New York, working this fabulous sample sale and tomorrow training begins for a new member of the team. Welcome, Diana.

For more info or to comment, email rebecca@everydaydress.com. On the to do list is making the site easier to reply to.

Cheers, it’s almost Friday.

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  1. Just love the look of this so easy and elegant. When you wear easy simple chic clothing all you need is a great bag or piece of jewelry like you said and you are all set!!!


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