End of Summer

Bill brought home fifteen mums and some grasses for me to plant. I pulled out all of the red geraniums, the purple petunias, and the pink and white cosmos. Every fall I get that feeling with the garden combinations, I also get the same feeling with most things in the summer closet.
Bingo, just like that, mums in the pots.
Switched out the white bag for the new season black.
Time outdoors, always a great part of the day, no matter the weather

We’ve started the slow swing of the country to city life, and it’s bittersweet. Just like that, cooler temperatures have set in, along with calendar events that we really haven’t had in almost eighteen months. To keep me from coming undone, long walks outdoors, miles on the bike outdoors, garden maintenance, and time in the kitchen are all must-do’s. No matter how unsettled any given day can feel, if there’s time spent outdoors and a hot meal to share with others, everything feels better.

Cozy blankets and precious babies
Simple sunflowers and bowl of pears

Wishing you all an easy transition into this wonderful new season.

Oh, mac & cheese, local corn, tomatoes, and green beans, how I love you
Back to dinner city-side, out comes the white linen and the long tapers

Every day dress, end of summer.

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