Pizza and Salad for Game Day

I set the table in the barn, so no one had to move too far from the big screen
the guys got the two chairs directly facing the television, me and Lindsey took the ends
cornmeal on the baking sheets help to make a great crust
we bought apples that morning, so I added them to the table decor

Sure, you can pull a pie from the freezer or call the local pizza place for game day pick-up; it’s also super easy to make your own and add a simple Caesar salad for friends and lovers.

I’ve been using Ina’s pizza crust recipe for years now. We change up the toppings depending on the pantry and season; cheese and pepperoni seem to keep the men satisfied, all the vegetables for the women.

Here’s a riff on a good Caesar dressing that uses mayonnaise instead of raw egg:

2 teaspoons garlic cloves, minced

1 teaspoon anchovy paste

2 tablespoons or to taste fresh lemon juice

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

1 teaspoon Worchestershire sauce

1 cup good Mayonnaise (I like Hellman’s)

1/2 cup parmesan cheese

salt and pepper to taste

I put everything in a food processor except for the cheese, give it some good pulses, and then stir in cheese, salt, and pepper. Dress the crisp romaine and hand toss to combine.

after the game, we moved to the back porch for dessert
Chocolate and Fig Cake with unsweetened whipped cream. The pansies are coming around again with the cooler temperatures. I cut them back hard after their prolific spring bloom. I love pansies in the fall as well.
I spy the beautiful baby in the basket, far right corner. 🙂

Whenever fresh figs are in season, I can never resist, and I invariably buy more than anyone will eat, and it’s usually only me. They look so good! This month’s (September 2021) Food & Wine magazine has a recipe for a Chocolate and Fig Cake, so I baked that up for dessert.

With Ethan, Lindsey, Bill, and Rory, we had a small little game day party. Go Bills.

Check out my potted basil!
Pesto up next!

Every day dress, pizza, and salad for game day.

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  1. I love the robust basil plant Rebecca. My basil was not so great this year.

  2. Hi Rebecca – as always, I enjoyed your blog post and recipe, but I don’t see any mayo in the salad dressing. Am I missing something? Hope all is well! xo

    • Oh em gee, I just updated the post, yikes. 1 cup mayo!

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