Endless Monday

Usually when returning to a work week after a long holiday weekend I call it a double Monday. Double Monday as it can often be extra tough to giddy up and get back to what we would all maybe call productivity.

Now I’m not even sure what productivity means as I seem to spend endless days in the kitchen, time away from my professional life that I adore and that I’m having a hard time getting my arms around.

I used to write here about the clothes I would wear, and now I seem to wear the same thing day in and day out and go really nowhere at all. That’s okay, I’m grateful to be home, for home is the place I love.

At the table the other night we were talking about how when quarantine is over how we will all have to relearn how to socialize and be with others. Elizabeth was saying that she just doesn’t even know how to dress anymore, as life has become a sea of wearing whatever feels most comfortable. That all actually feels like work to me, as I’m relaxed into a life of not really knowing what day of the week it is, only that there is dinner to be made.

So here we are on the first Monday of a new year, a Monday that for sure could be called a double Monday, and maybe even an endless Monday.

I’ve been exercising the kitchen muscles all pandemic long and they are in truly good shape, today I’m taking the first little step into getting back into the style game, long overdue.

Endless Monday, I’ve seen enough of you.

Hello and welcome brand-new year. I pledge to make an effort for you.

here’s looking at you first Monday of our new year

Every day dress.

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