erin, we found your coat



Met a client at the tailor yesterday to deliver her new leopard coat. Had her try it on, small button adjustment needed, and couldn’t stop thinking about blogger Erin Gates of Elements of Style.

Been super slow to the game of commenting, linking back, and all that kind of thing on other blogs. Totally self-taught here, tutor, mentor, helper, please apply.

Erin posts every single day, Monday through Friday, all interesting, love her style and discipline. Her main thing is interiors, Friday she writes about fashion. Since reading her last one on the leopard trend, been thinking of jumping in and it’s taken four days to do so. Check out her post Fashion Friday: Fall Staple-Leopard Coat here by clicking on all these words. You’ll get to see Kate wearing leopard like no one else can. Erin has a great way of styling, interiors and fashion, and an easy, engaging style of writing that makes you want to stay for a while.

Erin, we found your coat. Know you are looking all over the web, consider this luxurious option: Camel and Black Leopard Faux Fur Coat. 49% Cotton 34% Viscose 17% Modal for a modern, easy, light-weight look and feel. Shown here over a black dress and long leather gloves, simply elegant, and chic and sporty with black, red, and boots. How can we resist?

When above said client tried hers on she wanted to wear it so badly she stood and waited while the super busy tailor made the button adjustments on the spot, this coat is that good. He knew she had to go home with it and could not wait. Thank you, tailor.

Erin, thank you for your blog. You make me feel like I have a friend in Boston MA. Wishing you much continued success.

professional photos | Worth New York

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  1. You mean… now you have ANOTHER friend in Boston! OX

    • Oh, yes, right! Thank you Diana! xoxo back to you 🙂

  2. Love reading your blog and love the Elements of Style blog! Check out this one… www., fashion, beauty, little bit of everything.

    • Thank you Amy. I will be sure to revisit cupcakes and cashmere, used to check in with her, think she even has a book. Thank you for reading and thank you for your reply. Have a great holiday weekend.

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