DSC01608_7061038For recent ten-day European travel packed two carry-on size bags only. Checked one, carried one, both together with a handbag were easy to deal with. Fashion minded and as she says packing challenged colleague has asked what was inside those two bags, that will have to be another post, for the record there was only one pair of heels, and that pair was only a mid-height.

The single pair that made the packing edit was the Valentino Rockstud. Some may say they’ve had their moment but when shoes are a little sexy, super comfortable, have a bit of an edge and you can walk for miles in them, that kind of style will always have a spot in the carry-on. These packed up small, left room for boots, and if truth be told by packing only one pair with a heel there was room for new friends.

One day or ten, the carry-on is the way to go. For long trips pack two and stack them.

Every day dress in Paris France in the lobby of Hotel Lutetia wearing Valentino Rockstud shoes, the only pair of heels that made the trip. Two pair came back, it was Paris after all.

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  1. Here is the aforementioned packing-challenged friend, weighing in: maybe half my problem is that I don’t have a sexy pair of shoes with a reasonable heel that are comfortable. Time for some shoe shopping!!

    • You looked pretty darn chic/sexy in your I think it was black patent leather shoes with the grey flannel pants yesterday while we were having lunch 🙂 Very nice outfit indeed.

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