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After a spectacular long weekend filled with endless and abundant family, friends, food, and wine; it’s great to be back in the office and to fall in love.

Once the 4th of July comes and goes there’s definitely a shift. A shift in mood, a shift in time, and a shift in fashion. Sure, we’re all about enjoying every single summer day, we’re also  all about the season ahead. Good things require time and planning, and now here at every day dress it’s time to fall in love with Fall 2014.

Here’s some more photos I took last month of some of the pieces I’ll be dressing my clients in for Fall 2014. While there’s still the skinny leg going on, take note of the design flair of the bootleg. It’s happening now and with a heel it’s a great way to balance out some good curves.

Every day dress, fall in love.


Worth New York Fall 2014

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