white and chartreuse

IMG_8604A total favorite color combination going on right about now, early July, bright optic white and Chartreuse. Wikipedia calls Chartreuse a color halfway between yellow and green that was named because of its resemblance to the green color of one of the French liqueurs called green Chartreuse, introduced in 1764. 

Louis Vuitton, maker of the bag, calls this color pistache. Or, according to internet research, chinese pistache: a tough colorful tree. While we’ve never been to Texas, and would love to go, it’s said that after a sizzling summer North Texans crave the first signs of fall, cooling rain showers, much like we had all day today in upstate New York, milder evening temperatures, yes we have that, and a changing landscape.

As we are about fashion and lifestyle, and fashion and life are ever evolving, fashion now and for Fall 2014 is a bit about a bright bag. Chartreuse, got it. When considering the foliage of the Chinese Pistache tree that pick so it’s said is tough and colorful and resistant to drought. Kind of liking that analogy, so the bag is resistant to trend or ‘it’ status?

Geranium? Thinking come August that will be right on. A bright bag set off of all white or black or black and white or really any color combination at all makes a strong statement.

When we’re not in the office we’re out in the garden: weeding, deadheading, watering, pruning. Skin is way too tan, nails way undone.

Every day dress, early July, white and Chartreuse, wish I had a photo of the white and Chartreuse hydrangea from ski country house, they are just about peak.


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