fall risk

Okay, a couple of little setbacks:

  • lost, left, misplaced 13” MacBook Pro while traveling home under flu influence from Salt Lake City UT. Filed missing item report with United, no luck yet. Head wasn’t right, and that’s how it goes. Kids were fine, no broken bones or slope side injuries, so it’s really just a lost laptop. While skiing at Beaver Creek CO thirteen years ago oldest son, now twenty-nine, decided with his brother to go to top of mountain first run while we all stayed mid-mountain. In addition, he decided to ski through the trees, as he had been to Beaver Creek before and felt he knew the terrain. A recruited D1 lacrosse player in the absolute best shape of his young life he hit a tree and broke his femur at the growth plate, requiring surgery, pins, a long recovery, and a pivot in terms of dreams of being a college athlete. I can deal with a lost laptop, and will forever recall that phone call from his younger brother on our first run, ‘Ethan’s hurt’. Same kind of cold winter day all those years ago, and phone calls at odd times can still get the best of me. Yes, we’re blessed with four healthy adult children and two teens, the underlying worry and responsibility never leaves, and honestly there’s always a fall risk. We, like Ethan did all those years ago, choose to acknowledge, accept, and work through setbacks, never giving up hope or willingness to try new strategies or set new goals. He traded athlete for scholar, and to this day enjoys sport for health, wellness, and balance.


  • had some elective surgery on both feet last week Tuesday, and they tagged me as a ‘fall risk’, kind of funny, but kind of true. When I think about ‘fall risk’ it really applies to us all, right? Elective surgery decision was not made lightly, in fact it was scheduled for last June and postponed the thing, after thinking about being unable to do what I do for my family and the possibility of not fully recovering for a family trip to Europe that late July. I like to add to the unit, not be one that slows down the team or needs help, just my way. Also delayed having this surgery until youngest of six could drive, and drive well. So here we are, six days post-op, with feet elevated until next week Monday, when stitches come out. Working with women and their wardrobes puts you in touch with their feet, as footwear is considered when planning looks and clothing choices. Living in the northeast oftentimes makes footwear your first consideration when getting dressed, as temperature and precipitation dictate footwear choice. Yes, I’m interested in attractive and pretty footwear and feet, yet this was not the driving decision for surgery, nor would any doc I know cut for that goal. Always active, I started long-distance running in the seventh grade, seeking the endorphin high and mind-clearing numbness. Running went on for decades, straight through pregnancies, and added a marathon in there to celebrate turning thirty. Constant motion and perhaps a genetic predisposition set down some late stage arthritis in both great toes. Right toe cheilectomy took place in 2007, that brought relief for about seven years. Modified the fitness routine and the shoe wardrobe, Birks became a favorite, yet bone on bone pain and daily anti-inflammatory use, not in the long-term plan. Doc suggested Cartiva, and I accepted. Recovery in progress. Fall risk? Yes, of course. Not giving up.

Birks and favorite Anderson pant in Greenville SC 8/18

Birk boots, denim, leather, and those extra 10 lbs., 9/18, visiting University of Vermont 

Birks and Worth New York on both of us, Gramercy Tavern, 9/18

We’ve been working with our iPad Pro in lieu of the fancy laptop and honestly it’s been just fine. Touchscreen feature is nice, and the smaller, slimmer, lighter size is right where we’re going for 2018. Husband has felt like we have way too much stuff, and we agree. We know we’re consumers, big family = big life, and professionally my thing is stocking women’s closets. Our gig now is about our women having clothes they love to wear, feel great on their skin, enhance their lifestyle, and make getting dressed for their day easier and more pleasurable. So, out with what we don’t want, use, or love, and let’s put on repeat whatever it is that brings us pleasure and nourishes our soul.

last week Monday to and from studio look, can’t wait to get back, spring18 feels great

Long post here, 734 words, and not the usual subject matter, kind of have some time on my hands.

Every day dress. xoxo


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  1. So glad to hear that you’re “ on the mend”- been thinking of you everyday and sending lots of good thoughts!

  2. Those feet were made for walkin’…. “One of these days those boots are gonna walk all over you”…Nancy Sinatra… January perfect time for surgery… feel better

    • Love this, so true. Thank you, yes, every day is better. Xo

  3. Everyone with feet and femur can relate to this very touching post Speedy Recovery, RC!!

    • Yes, feet and femur all around. Thank you for your well wishes. Xo

  4. Great read and great recovery.

    • Thank you, a day at a time.

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