When you get to a certain spot in life you kind of know that there’s nothing really speedy, and then you kind of figure out that might be kind of a good thing.

Third daughter, fifth child, left yesterday for second semester of college, really missing her, yet she knows and we all know that that’s where she is: college. And she really kind of loves it. Sent her off with her new speedy bag, and it’s all her.

Cooked for the family all weekend: scratch chicken soup and scratch chicken chili, I know, a lot of chicken going down, there was scratch chocolate cake too.

Chopping onions not one of our favorite things yet the speedy whirl in the food processor just doesn’t cut it so chop we do.

Best kitchen investment in the last twelve months is this handy little bench scraper in upper right hand of photo, we should all have a few of these gems. Pick yours up here for less than $10. Makes kitchen detail much more speedy, and precise.


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