first day of school


First day since early June 2012 that all kids were occupied. Oh, boy. Started the morning by picking up coffee for WNY Women’s Foundation Fall in Fashion Luncheon meeting and didn’t stop until after late 8th grade parent’s meeting and introducing myself to the new head of Elmwood Franklin School, a woman for the first time ever in the school’s history. Very good day.

What to wear on the first day of school was always a super big decision. So much so that I taught myself to sew and made many first day back to school outfits starting out in seventh grade. Still remember the navy skirt and khaki pants I made. Sewing skills last you a lifetime. Made prom dresses, made my dress, all five bridesmaids, and two flower girl dresses for back to school time September wedding.  Even remember the gray dress with yellow daisies I wore on the first day of kindergarten when I probably didn’t even talk yet. Husband can’t believe I remember events by what I wore; I can tell you explicitly the outfit I was wearing on our first date.

Yesterday, for first day of school, wore a dress. Of course. When your day goes non-stop a dress is the go to option. And when it’s an uber refined t-shirt shape that makes getting dressed even so much easier.

Upstate New York women mark your calendars for Friday, November 2nd. That day will bring us together at the Buffalo Club for the WNY Women’s Foundation Fall in Fashion 2012 Luncheon. Serving as one of the co-chairs this year and couldn’t be prouder- LOVE this piece of their tagline- We believe that when women and girls are secure, entire communities are stronger. You can visit their site at That’s my philanthropic project this fall. Been on this committee since it’s inception nine years ago and I can tell you what I wore each and every time. Every day dress.

Dress worn pictured at Hoyt Lake Rose Garden, Delaware Park, Buffalo, Worth New York Fall Winter 2011.


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