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It happens every year, end of summer hits and the un-styled beach look has got to go. Sun-kissed strands need to be cooled down and do I dare write this errant grays need to be covered.

In keeping with yesterday’s post of fashion improvement at home, here is what one box of hair-color from the grocery and some black eyeliner can do. Needed to follow my own advice today. Put on some makeup, make dinner, walk the dogs. Summer takes a bunch out of me and I always need to regroup.

Totally into the tired look as well. Style icon Carine Roitfeld debuts a line of MAC cosmetics tomorrow, Thursday, that epitomizes her dark smoky eye and nude lip. She is 57 years old and totally rocks. She says she loves the tired look. I’m all about that right about now. Thinking I may need to chop some length and wear the hair to cover my face, too. Could use something to hide behind sometimes.

Google Carine Roitfeld and MAC cosmetics. Every day dress is just about ready to break 7,000 views. Thanks so much. See you at the MAC counter tomorrow.

ps. all product posts are my own opinion. this is a cottage industry here.

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  1. Your hair color looks great!

    • Tracy, thank you. Are you really doing a cookbook? You so should…xo

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