first day

Never one to make new year resolutions, the first day of anything feels simply like the first day of anything; a time to get it on. All in and all out is too cut and dry for us, we like the opportunity to try to make each new beginning just a bit better than the last.

Eden, New York

Giancarlo’s, Williamsville, New York

Carneros Resort & Spa, Napa, California 

Eden, New York

First day of summer solstice 2018 and we’re loving steak on the grill, dinners out, donuts and coffee, a great straw hat, the simple countryside,..

Black strappy sandals, light blue pedicures, baking a box birthday cake, feeling a good song.

Aspen, Colorado

A walk in the woods, a great green salad, and really good fish tacos.

all photos my own, and produced and gathered over the last 10 days or so…

Peace to all, and a healthy, happy summer. xoxo


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