floral sheath dress


For third daughter’s eighth grade graduation, wore a floral sheath dress. She did, too.

Story of these two dresses? The one you see here was actually ordered for a client to wear to her daughter’s graduation. When she came for her fitting and put the dress on, she knew it wasn’t it, for her. And that’s a good thing. The clothes you wear for important life events should make you feel good and look great. When you put something new on and you have to work too hard to make it feel right, it’s not right. So, she didn’t take the dress and I couldn’t let it go. When your professional life is dressing women in beautiful clothes, sometimes you get the send backs. Happy to have it, a definite perk of work. To make it my own paired it with again, edgy shoes, that’s just the way I’m feeling now, and a modern silver cuff bracelet.

Daughters’ floral white sheath dress? Spotted this when out holiday shopping back in December. Knew she needed a white dress for June so had her try it on. It was the only one we looked at and the only one she tried. She felt good and it looked great so we did it. No second guessing, quick and easy.

Dressing well is sometimes really about a feeling. When you feel good in what you’re wearing, and all my daughters tell me this, everything else is better.

Every day dress does the floral sheath dress for eighth grade graduation, both mother and daughter.

Feel good in your clothes.

Navy Impressionist Floral Dress | Worth New York Spring 2013

White Floral Eyelet Dress | Diane von Furstenberg

PS If you, or someone you know has an eye for fashion and would like to hear more about the perks of work, email me here, rebecca@everydaydress.com. Currently building a team of women that work flexible hours from home helping other women feel good in their clothes. Every day dress.

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  1. Love the floral dress with the Valentino Shoes! Everyone looks stunning

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