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Fifth child, she’s fourteen, and finally feel like kind of getting this right- what to wear to class day.

On a day that’s to celebrate student academic and athletic achievement, feels good to put on some color and leave that favorite dark solid color at home. Kids get it right, they’re told what to wear; navy for the young men, floral, color, or pastels for the young women, simply copy their dress code and you’re good to go.

Wore the same dress that was worn on the beach, this time with heels. A heel changes everything. This class day was indoors, stadium seating, auditorium with no outside reception following afterwards so heels were okay. Wouldn’t do this shoe on a lawn. Lunch at a downtown club followed so heels were okay there, too.

About that animal shoe print? If there were religious services involved, no way. Independent school class day. Kind of advise friends and clients to stay away from animal prints when there’s anything secular going on. Just doesn’t feel right. Would have chosen a much more conservative shoe. Might leave the skin print bag at home as well.

Even seventy-three year old Monnie got it right, been dressing her for years now- white skirt, fun green fitted silk sweater, she says she’s no spring chicken, I say she still has shape, and interesting scarf. When you’re the mom or the grand-mom, let’s leave the sundresses for the teenagers.

Every day dress wears a conservative shirt dress in a bright color with an edgy shoe for class day, many times out.

Wishing everyone wonderful class days and special occasions in the month of June.


Shirtdress, Silk Sweater, Scarf | Worth New York

BB Pumps | Manolo Blahnik

PS Go Blue, Elizabeth and team won the cup.


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