for the family


Sure, it’s always great to make an effort and make things nice for friends and guests. Even more important is putting forth the extra push when it’s for the family.

I know we all get this. It’s just that life is so busy and moves so fast that at times you can feel like giving in and getting through quickly, without maybe the water and the wine glass and the cloth napkins because everything will just be easier.

For the family the extra effort is so incredibly worthwhile. It’s the doing it every day stuff that counts big time. On a Thursday night in August for dinner with two sons and husband, had dinner on the lower deck, a spot that we usually when friends and guests are over.

This intimate gathering of four is what good memories are made of. By doing this kind of thing in the every day living, not only for special times, you create something that is bigger than simply having dinner.

Every day dress takes a deep breath and does the extra effort on a Thursday night in August. Share and show the love. For the family.


A few flower and fashion notes: Cut a little Queen Anne’s Lace for the small table bouquet. Some think this is a weed, some not. Worked for us. Potted petunias in whisky barrels were planted dark with a small amount of white in the geraniums. Love black and white clothes, why not black and white flowers. Pots by the pool are in their late summer glory but like the summer clothes, feeling a change is needed. With upcoming sweater weather the pale pink cascade petunias will be put away for the season and out will come the mums. Hermès blanket wrap? Love that thing. Gives instant casual luxurious warm style to anything at all. Lends a little extra style credibility to jeans and a v-neck sweater. Wardrobe classic.

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