time for polish


This time of the year, even the dogs need grooming. Five women in the family and not one of us has had a haircut all summer. Manicure and pedicure here and there but honestly it was mostly do it yourself. We were all busy; working, playing, traveling, loving.

Now, it’s time for polish. That back to school thing when you want some new shoes and a new look. Time to drop the summer fun weight by moving more and eating less. Increase the cardio and decrease the lovely glass of wine or two. No problem here putting in double weekend sessions of ninety minute hill training but can’t seem to let go of that nightly red. Such a pleasure of daily living.

Every day dress knows it’s time for polish. Shown here wearing an Adam Lippes dress from several seasons back before his recent relaunch in 2012. Done nails but undone hair, trying to get those last swimming pool laps in.  Always a work in progress. Really need to schedule all those haircuts.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


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  1. I loved it all!!!! the silver skirt still available????

    • Caroline, thank you for reading. I’ll call you about that skirt this afternoon, off the the gym and then Fall in Fashion meeting!

  2. Beckie you look gorgeous!! Oh my goodness. What a fantastic dress on an even more fabulous woman. Love this 🙂

    • Kary, thank you for the nice comment. Hope you, Eric, and those two beautiful girls are enjoying all the beauty in our world. xo

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