fringed, and guilty


As fringe is a happening trend now and into Fall Winter 2014, recently added these fringed black Valentino boots to the footwear rotation. Actually, asked the husband to treat, and as there was really no heel involved, he said yes.

Plan on debuting them this Saturday night, every few years or so good friend and I host a country barbeque for a mixed bunch of town & country folk. Guest list is always fun, and diverse.


She’s completely social and loves lunches, dinners, group exercise classes, cards, travel, opera, has joined a running club, etc., keeps a good calendar and keeps good track of RSVP’s. She plans ahead, makes and keeps social commitments, and from what I know of her always replies to other invites in a proper and timely fashion. LOVE her.

Used to be like that. Now kind of guilty of being orderly underneath but much more spontaneous. ¬†Full time job squared, lots of kids, man I love to be around, and a couple of houses will do that for sure. Big groups here at every day dress are a normal thing now and the feeling is with practice and patience and some up front planning it will always work out and there’s always room for a few more.

Guilty too in that I’ve been one of those very last-minute RSVP’s. Not nice, I know. ūüôā

We make a good pair. She keeps me on task about how many bartenders and what time are they are showing up and like how much are we paying them? And what are the tablecloths and what are we putting on those tables?

So, friend, looked at tablecloths last night and even though we always like the real deal thinking we’ll go with red and white plastic gingham? The real deal will blow our budget and it is a barbeque, right? And potted low ferns for the tables? Saves us from cutting and arranging and watering fresh flowers and those ferns will look great around the house and on the porch after the shindig.

And the fringed boots? Those will go with I think a white dress and come fall I’ll pair them with something like this:


Fringed, and guilty. We’ve been scrubbing floors, pulling weeds, painting the coop. 15 dozen chocolate chip cookies now on deck.


Every day dress, 106 or so for wine beer booze and barbeque this Saturday night, no problem, all will be fine.

Fringed Boots | Valentino | NET-A-PORTER

Blanket Wrap Coat | Worth New York Fall 2014


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  1. Ha ha! I’m the “organized” friend? Beckie: somehow you make it all look so easy. My shoes may be Birkenstock and god knows what frock will appear from my closet, but good friends, good food, wine and (hopefully) good weather will make the party smashing! Thanks for the kind words, dear friend!

  2. i ove the boots and probably super comfy!!!

  3. Love the boots! FYI, a great source for tablecloths to either purchase or rent is This is my go to place whenever I plan to entertain a big group or host themed events. Advantages to renting table linens – simply put back in box, ship back (free shipping), and no laundering. Enjoy your new boots and the BBQ!

    • Oh, thanks! I’ll definitely check out bright Thanks for reading, and happy Tuesday.

  4. Love the boots! You always looks amazing! Enjoy the BBQ, I am sure it shall be perfect.

    • Thanks! Perfect, probably not, fun, let’s hope!

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