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Thinking were not sure if we are inspired more by images of Carine Roitfeld’s delicious grand baby or her iconic fashion sense, have always loved babies, every day dress for sure inspired by her white boot-leg jeans and python print jacket. Following Carine Roitfeld on Instagram and loving her.

Pulled out the old seven for mankind (bootleg) jeans and paired it with a python print silk shirt, aquazurra suede shoe boots, and black crew neck tied around the shoulders for dinner out with the husband. Good clothes are mood transforming. They can and will lift you up.

Even though the body and the feet and the thighs might not relate to a fashion super hero, we can still all get the mood on by dressing well, and, you know, every day dress. It’s a mind-set, and a feeling, and an attitude.

Every day dress so inspired by Carine Roitfeld. Click here to view her awesome Instagram feed. , and her delicious grand baby and great outfits. (can’t yet get the regram app going, kind of need an admin, haha).

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