Getting Wedding-Ready

we’ve been all systems go for the big weekend
we bought three full length mirrors today as hair and makeup is happening here
another full length mirror in the office
he’s testing out his new tuxedo shoes, I’m usually in denim
he thinks I’m kind of crazy but goes along with it

It’s been about two years since I’ve felt the blogging pull, and in less than two weeks, oldest son Ethan and his beautiful fiance Lindsey will be saying ‘I do’ here in St. Petersburg, FL.

In March 2020, they flew here for the Grand Prix race weekend, and they ended up staying two-plus months. Lockdown can make for a modern love story.

I’ve been cleaning and organizing everything, I know, the Diet Coke is so unhealthy
two mini cribs and a mini seat, three grands on their way!
baking ridiculously good cookies for the welcome totes
roasted vegetables on the regular
always in the kitchen
there are about a zillion of these in the freezer
daily workouts, not optional

My husband and I have been doing all the things to get wedding-ready. Cleaning, weeding, baking, shopping, and I’m wondering how many Peloton rides I can fit in before March 13th. I was on a terrific run of doing fifty push-ups a day, that didn’t seem to work too well as now I’m constantly waking up with an aching shoulder, and it kind of hurts all day long. Wedding season is a challenge.

I changed out the pots yesterday and went with blue, yellow, orange. The rosemary has thrived with neglect. 🙂
a few new things in the closet waiting to be worn

Anyway, the excitement is building, a wedding! How very cool is that?

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