White Denim, Steak Dinner

our house here is modern and clean, I try to keep the clothes I wear here modern and clean too
Grilled ribeye, baked potato, green beans, it doesn’t really get any easier

Greetings from St. Petersburg, FL. I’ve been here for two weeks, and tomorrow head back to Buffalo, NY, and single-digit temperatures, oh, my. It’s been a time of absolute rest and recovery, with daily walks and frequent trips out for yoga sessions.

It’s so strange, I used to love to document and share what I wear, what I cook, how I serve and style food, and now I feel uncertain, lacking that extra bit of confidence to create and post consistently. Maybe it’s simply the way of the world; perhaps it’s not being disciplined. Perhaps it’s a combination of both and more.

same outfit, same sweater yet different color

Anyway, a few things I know to be true is the time-honored durability of white denim and a good steak dinner. I also love a perfect crewneck sweater, and when I find one that feels and looks great, I’ll often buy it in multiple colors. When wearing a good pair of jeans and a great pair of boots, it’s easy to bake some potatoes, steam and saute a few handfuls of green beans, and grill up some ribeye steaks. Like I mentioned earlier, our days have been about rest and recovery. White jeans and a steak dinner are about as easy as they can get.

I can recommend with absolute authority not to bake a keto cake. The handsome and fit husband flirted with the Keto lifestyle to mine and all four of our daughters’ dismay and asked for a keto cake to celebrate his most recent birthday. Of course, I delivered. The ingredients were costly and things I would never stock regularly in our pantry. While it looked great, and he appreciated the effort, we all agreed cake should be cake. Keto birthday cake checked off the list, never to return.

Here’s to a quiet January and upward trending hopes for February.

Plating a great tasting black pepper yogurt smear before the watercress salad that will go on top
as usual, birthday dinners are most often celebrated with dinner at home

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  1. It is always a pleasure to see your email in my inbox! Rebecca you are a gifted woman and anything you share is appreciated!

    • Awe, Ann, thank you so very much. You were one of my very first readers. Thank you for hanging in and your kind words. I hope all is well in your world.

  2. We visited St. Pete for the first time earlier this month. What a great town! The highlights of our trip were the Chihuly Collection, Sunken Gardens and the aerial sculpture by Janet Echelman at the St. Pete Pier. You’re lucky to have a vacation home there.

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