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Never mind we asked for, and granted, two thirty-day extensions (thank you, Rouxbe) for professional cook certification, we’re finally #graduated. Eighteenth out of a class of 60+, and a grade of 95%. Second daughter said I underestimated: oh, well; finished, and checked off the list. All good things take time, and usually more time than planned for, or expected.

spatchcock your chicken for even grilling results

hold your potato puree over a Bain Marie

Lifelong learning, we’re a fan. A few simple notes, that kind of tie in with what we do professionally, sell luxury clothing and dress beautiful women.

  • search out the absolute best ingredients, whatever that may be, a black v-neck cashmere sweater, classic white blouse, happy hen organic eggs, the very best carrots, celery, and onions.
  • pay careful attention to the set-up, making sure everything is fresh, sourced well, measured, and in tune with the present season.
  • use, (or wear), everything until it’s done, finished, and worn out.

late summer grilled chicken, potato puree, and tomato salad

We’re working on reducing food waste, and clothing waste, and loving good, enduring style.

ps. all best practices tell us to get on a regular, scheduled posting schedule, yikes, is life really like that

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  1. Anonymous
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    Great advice.
    I’m also going to do your clothes challenge.
    Nothing new for one year (except for weddings or graduation).
    My mom was diagnosed with dementia and I’d like to do that to remind myself how lucky I am for all that I already have. Just got to find the perfect black winter boots to carry me through first.

    • Rebecca
      | Reply

      Dear Margarita, so sorry to hear about your mom, I can’t even imagine. Hoping the perfect black boots brighten your days ahead. xoxo

  2. Anonymous
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    And Congratulations!!!

  3. Anonymous
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    • Rebecca
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      Dear Anonymous, thank you!! xo

  4. Kathi Sullivan
    | Reply

    Congratulations Rebecca! Well deserved!! Xxoo

    • Rebecca
      | Reply

      Thank you, Kathi! Hope you and yours are well. xoxo

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  6. Miriam Reis
    | Reply

    Congratularions and thanks to inspiring me!!!

    • Rebecca
      | Reply

      Thank you, Miriam! Love following your culinary adventures in Brazil! xoxo

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