september, perhaps a summer month

Last night, celebrated thirty years of marriage, with family dinner at home cooked by second daughter, Booie. Chrissy Teigan fish tacos, and Mexican street corn, all delicious, woot woot.

Submitted last six assignments for professional cook certification, completed 4 hour final exam, waiting upon final assessment. Double woot woot.

Listened to a webinar today on building better blog traffic, and main takeaway: publish daily, yikes, to stay top of mind. Oh, and top SEO posts are at least 1,500 words, woah. Would you guys read all that?

Are we all about top of mind? And SEO? Hmm…

Anyways, it’s 79 degrees on a late September evening in BUF. Headed to NYC first thing tomorrow and it’s looking like 80 degrees for two days straight.

Thinking all clothing is multi-season now. What we wear every day needs to work every day.

Every day dress, September, perhaps a summer month.


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  1. Happy Anniversary from San Francisco!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!

    • Thank you, can’t wait to celebrate rebel ride new beginning! Xo

  3. I am dreaming to make this professional cook course. you always inspiring

    • Miriam, you should absolutely do it. I will email you the link separately. I did the 6 month professional cook certification, and I needed two thirty day extensions, which was fine, as life is busy. Love to you and your family. xo Rebecca

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