hair care for travel


Booked a keratin treatment three days before traveling overseas. Had to miss a scheduled workout as you can’t get your hair wet or put it back in a ponytail for three days after to let the thing ‘set’. Kind of nice to have a hall pass for the workout. Don’t usually go for this sort of thing as the whole hair thing is kind of low key.

Best thing about sitting in a chair for two hours? You won’t really need to think about your hair while traveling. No need to pack adapters or tools. Simply use the dryer supplied and a good brush. The keratin adds protein and creates smoothness. Midway through your trip check yourself into a local salon, try to speak the language or use your iPad for a visual, and get a blowout. Keep things easy. Travel partners don’t really want to wait around while you take time for hair and all that stuff takes up a lot of room in your luggage. Ask your stylist what would be best for you for super low maintenance and sign yourself up before your next trip. Make sure your color will go the distance, too.

Dress, Roberto Cavalli, in Montichiello. Hair, thanks to tip from receptionist at Buddah Spa by Clarins Wellness Center, Siena, Italy.

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