happy right now

While it might be a beautiful world to have the gardens and prep the meals (not to mention her interiors yet’s that’s an entirely different chapter) that our #lifegoals tastemaker Carolyn Roehm puts out, we’re happy right now with simple things.



Husband and I planted a row of hydrangea late spring, 7 plants in total. We tended them off and on all summer and kind of thought they were on the edge. Last weekend spent one day at the country place to put away all the seasonal furniture and there they were: looking established, great, healthy. Beautiful and simple. Cut some stems and brought them back to the city house.

Food has been simple too. Baked fish, roasted zucchini and tomatoes, spinach salad. Photos taken with the iPhone, food was way better than it looks, couldn’t find the battery charger for the digital camera,and the battery was toast.



spinach, mandarin oranges, blue cheese, walnuts, balsamic vinaigrette, super easy

First day at the new office, what a whirlwind.

Every day dress, happy right now.




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  1. Looks beautiful and elegant like you, dear friend!

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