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Tuesday afternoon after a long weekend and it’s absolutely double Monday. With Friday and yesterday off, and it was a gorgeous weekend with all six kids and friends in ski town, we’re playing catch-up like mad.

In fact, it’s been a little mad for a while, where do these days/months/years go?

Momma always says just when you think you can’t handle one more thing, things get better. Momma’s right. 🙂

Meet Michelle; she’s the partner I’ve written about, and she’s beyond. We get each other, and she brings great energy and balance to our growing team. In fact, you can read her styling story on her personal page, Should you not want to click I’ve copied and pasted below:

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I am an artist. Styling is another way for me to express my creativity. Life can be complicated but dressing should be easy and fun. I am all about women feeling good with themselves inside and out. We all change over the years. I love to embrace our individual forms and turn each of my clients into a piece of art. Supporting women to succeed in whatever they are passionate about it keeps me going!

simple with a splash of fun. I am a pretty casual girl. Being a mom of three active young men, I find myself in many modes everyday. Plus I live in Western New York and our weather is unpredictable. When I get dressed in the am who knows what the day will throw at me. A good fitting pant and simple top can take me anywhere. Many days you’ll find in my bag a few pairs of shoes, all day on the move gotta keep it going! With that simple platform I can add anything to it, a jacket to dress it up or a scarf for fun. And if I’m in a super rush a solid dress always works. Sometimes we over think dressing. I keep my closet simple. Then I have more time for FUN!

I’m busy with my family. As i mentioned I have three young men, Massimo, Benjamin and Sammy. My husband, Sam and I love to cook and enjoy wine. At the end of the day you can usually find me cooking. Dinner and family together first! I feel blessed to live in Western New York and love to give back as a volunteer. Many days you will find me out and about working on various events. When I have a little time for myself I practice yoga a few days a week. But in the winter I have been known to escape skiing as much as possible. Evenings usually find me painting in my studio. Life is good but always busy so i keep my dress simple. Why complicate the good stuff, right!?
This Friday October 16th to next week Thursday October 22nd we’ll be styling women in our new space in downtown Buffalo, 651 Delaware Ave. To see us in action or for your own private one hour appointment, you can now book with us online at, for me, or, for Michelle. Simply click on the BOOK APPOINTMENT box when you get to our page. We love building wardrobes together and with the women in our lives.
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Every day dress, meet Michelle. Michelle, beyond thrilled to have you on board, thank you.

photos by Missy Kennedy Photography


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