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Amazing what you can do these days, especially when you begin to build a team: thanks Wendy.

Been talking about jumping in here and Wendy jumped. She came over while I was busy with my fashion and recruiting work and put this great invite together using a photo saved to external hard drive, which son had to do as we had thousands and they were slowing us way down. Two more team members, thank you.

Another amazing aspect of modern life- invite was created and ordered all online, blog post is going up by receiving jpg image from Wendy to my email address and then uploaded to WordPress on the iPad while husband drives us to Boston MA to visit two oldest daughters.  Love learning new things and it’s much more fun with others around.

Have a great night everyone. Make some dinner, light the candles, enjoy a glass of wine, spend time with those you love.

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  1. Beautiful invite Rebecca! Count me in on your 1st anniversary blog party! Wearing Worth! Love your blog……fashion, food & fun….what more could anyone ever want! Keep up the inspiration…….the world needs more of it!

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