keeping it easy


Hands down, dinner is so often a favorite part of the day. Here is what was put out last night, keeping it easy:

Fresh wild cod, asparagus, tomatoes and olives all prepped on jelly roll pans and seasoned with olive oil, kosher salt, and ground pepper. Arugula in a bowl with shaved parmesan, again dressed with olive oil and a little lemon. Two loaves fresh bread, great for buttered toast afterwards, and black rice simmered with vegetable broth on the stove top.

Throw three pans in the oven and roast away at about 375 or 400 degrees, no recipe or cookbook needed. Open a bottle of great white, food is good, husband happy, that’s huge, and we’re keeping it easy.

Used to individually plate all food for a nice presentation. Took hours. While in Jamaica several years ago the household staff set the table beautifully and served us our meals buffet style. Simple and brilliant. Totally copied that method. It works.

Happy Thursday everyone.


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