have we done this yet?


Okay, so after a summer of non-stop travel and constant house-hopping, last weekend had to go down-lo and put all tech stuff away. It was rejuvenating, and wonderful, and totally needed. Connected? I was losing touch, for sure.

Saw and bought these lawn chairs at the start of the season, last Friday night and Sunday late afternoon was the first time this body here met up with them, and it’s just about October. Read The New York Times SundayReview, and oddly enough there was an article ‘Stop Googling. Let’s Talk’, by Sherry Turkle. Very good reading, and on-point message.


While recently in Oregon tasting all the great Pinot Noir and more of the Willamette Valley husband actually had to pause and say, and this is a cliché but still, ‘stop and smell the roses’.

So, now, while still getting the work done, we’re also doing what matters: putting the phone away, and the laptop, and the constant connectivity. See you in a little, we’re going out to walk the dogs.

Every day dress, just about October, have we done this yet?



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  1. Very proud and very happy you are hitting the lawn chair with the paper!!!!

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