making moves

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First day of October and all around we’re making moves. Sometimes slow, and always more involved and taking longer than you expect, oh, well.

Second daughter signed her lease on a mid-town apartment (she’s moving out) and us here (we’re moving in) at every day dress have officially signed down-town at The Plaza Suites. Women power, for sure, but never underestimate or fail to value those men behind us, never ever.

We have a phone! and a receptionist! conference space! one underground parking space! windows!, a professional office suite #101 with our name on the door…a room of our own.

We’ve done a photo-shoot with a local woman photographer, thank you Missy Kennedy Photography, and need to update all social media, yikes.

It all takes time, going in a forward direction, making moves, all around.

Every day dress women. Let’s always be part of making good things happen.

Fall Winter Trunk Show happening Friday October 16th – Thursday, October 22nd.

ps. Every woman should own this shirt, in all colors, makes daily dressing easier. You can even sleep in it and get out of bed in the morning looking pretty great. Black | White | Cream. Machine wash and dry, sweet.

Black Sueded Triacetate Pocket Shirt | Worth New York

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  1. Love this photo of you. Missy is a great photographer, but then she also had a fabulous subject! Congrats on your new office digs!

  2. You always look gorgeous! Love this photo, especially your smile!

    • Thank you, great photographer. 🙂

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