headed towards neat



Spent the good part of Monday in the home office not even dressed, we’re in the middle of a search in Saratoga Springs NY and just got completely carried away, lol. In texting with my partner while she was on the road, told her I was still in my jammies at about 1 pm, yikes, so not good. So today, Tuesday, and every day, we’re headed towards neat. Or, No Excuses Accepted Today.

Heard Tom Black give a motivational talk a week or so ago in Chicago and one idea of many that he shared was the concept of neat. LOVE that idea, No Excuses Accepted Today.



So, here we are at every day dress, dressed in, you guessed it, blue jeans again, second son’s JCrew un-ironed button down, yet put on some real shoes and had some real color on the hands, toes, and mouth. The scarf and the bag above ramp it up for sure. 🙂

Every day dress, always headed towards neat.

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