heading towards fall 17

Personal goal for summer 17 was not to work corporate, accomplished. We cooked, we traveled, we loved, all very casual, and now the slow slide into returning style begins.

As we need to start somewhere, here we are: velvet, for fall 17, is a day trend. So, we wore our navy velvet dress from last year to the market, in August. Paired it with suede Birkenstocks, and everything else was easy.

Our current mantra is to buy and use to the end the best we can, whether it be fresh berries, homegrown basil, a velvet dress, or suede sandals.

Fifth child is settling into first year of college, we’re bittersweet heading towards fall 17. xoxo

Every day dress.

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  1. Love this attitude!

    • Thanks so much! Has taken decades to get here…

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