heartfelt thanks


Many heartfelt thanks for the love you have all shown in support of every day dress. Community is an amazing thing, thank you.

Thank you for reading, commenting, subscribing, liking, and being there. Thank you for believing, inspiring, and showing intent.

Heartfelt thanks, community of wonderful women, and men, it’s been an amazing year. Jumped in without knowing how to swim, and here we are, still afloat. Looking forward to many more fashion and lifestyle adventures to come.

Happy Friday, and heartfelt thanks. Thanks so much for being there, in oh so many ways.

Wardrobe detail: wore the Black Silence Wash Belted Shirtdress | Worth New York Spring 2013 simply took it out of the luggage on Monday, hung it up, and put it on yesterday afternoon, super easy, super great.

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  1. Thanks Rebecca for inviting us to a funfilled, “women supporting women” party! Such a nice vibe surrounding your event. Keep blogging and we will be following, supporting and gathering inspiration as we all make it through our day…..one outfit at a time!!! Love it!!

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