rain day essentials


Remember that time, maybe in photos or movies only, when all the cool men wore hats?

Channelling all the cool men: actually picked up this hat probably a dozen years ago in some small island when the sun was beating down. Had to find some shelter for the skin and this hat was it. Never knew it would become a favorite at home when the rain set in.

Trench coat? Kind of serendipitous as well. Friend of a friend and it didn’t quite fit her right. Motto here is be inclusive, so, why not? Picked that up about a decade ago. Happy.

Rain day essentials are a good thing. Rain hat and trench, check. Umbrella? Not always so easy to find.

Kind of like being tucked in and not showing the face. All women should have rain day essentials, a cool hat and trench.

Hat | pretty much vintage | Helen Kaminsky

Trench | vintage as well | Worth New York

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