home, alone

simple sliced mushrooms for breakfast and lunch, when home, alone

We’ve been here, there, and everywhere; really wanting to be home, alone.

Last weekend RI and VT, weekend before NYC, and all that goes with that.

This past weekend small little ski town in upstate, Ellicottville, and still here, after all is gone, love being home, alone.

city garden, early fall

carb loading, for sure, and copper pot needs some polish

Before leaving for the ski house by auto we negotiated a little stay in the city time, to bake, and do a little weekend prep, divine. Kitchen in the city works, and we know once we touch down anywhere there are humans to feed. 🙂

steak, bloody’s, asparagus and overcooked eggs, for six or so

Recognizing that learning how to cook, and perhaps cook well, is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Even better is when you share with others, simply need a little solo recharge at times.

husbands’ flannel and boxers, kitchen in EVL

No complaints, ever. Simply loving the down-time.

Every day dress. Home, alone; or with one or a few that you really love.

Godspeed to all in Santa Rosa, Napa, Sonoma, and beyond….


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