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With a half-dozen young adult kids or so they keep you in the loop of latest happenings: Rowhouse Bakery & Restaurant, you’re the new place in town, and you’ve totally got it going on. Thank you Maxwell and Ethan for getting us out tonight.

Loved being at the soft opening, and more than that looking forward to returning this Friday after another Buffalo city love thing, wine tasting at City Wine Merchant.

Sensual sensory stimulation from the wood-fired crispy thin crust pizza to the varied and detailed ceiling treatments throughout. We’ve been into good, soulful food of late, and you all delivered. Broke out the new velvet Gucci boots for a first-time run, happy, style post about those beauties coming soon.

Every day dress, new place in town, thank you all at Rowhouse Bakery & Restaurant. xoxo

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Looks inviting!!!!
    Years ago it was known as Lord Chumley’s!!

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