home, alone


Fourth child, second daughter, home, not really alone, she’s got our two dogs to let in and out, with endless snow coming down. Big place for one person. Takes her 500+ steps just to get a cup of coffee. Thanks Booie, for holding down the fort.

Fifth child, third daughter, we’re down here at the condo, where you can clean the thing without even once unplugging the vacuum cleaner, love that. What was supposed to be a quick in and out escape has turned into a full week. Sixth child, fourth daughter, she’s in Budapest. Oldest daughter, back in NYC.

Snowed in, in FL. Home is wherever you make it. Flying out later today.

Photo taken with the iPhone on the nightstand. Only packed a few simple accessories, and again, only a carry-on.

Cute little kids kissing? That’s the valentine, from me to him.

I needed ya.

I got ya.

I’m keeping ya.

Love ya. 

Happy Thursday everyone. Back in the office tomorrow, full tilt, we’ve got spring coming. Trunk Show starts Friday, February 26th. xoxo


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  1. Have a great show – clothes will really pop with a tan. My girls thought Bella Hadid looked like you at The Grammys

    • Thanks, Christine. Oh, and compliment of the year, haha. xo

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