In Case You Missed Me

We had some site issues and a little down time, nothing too serious. I lost yesterday’s post somewhere out there in tech land, so reposting here, today. It was all about a little faux fur. Here it is all copied and pasted: 

how fun is this little faux fur?

Took these photos out at the country place while on weekend from working trunk show. The little faux fur is not mine, I borrowed and returned it from the sample set for the afternoon, simply wanted to show it off. It’s a fun piece. Never mind I’m wearing sandals, forgot my very fashionable boots in the back and forth shuffle, that’s how it goes. 

gotta love a shiny red pickup truck

Thankful for this absolutely gorgeous upstate New York fall season

In case you did catch it before it disappeared in cyber space, I’ve added in a new look so the ping in your inbox is not all content you’ve seen before. 

black on black

Same thing as the faux fur, I borrowed this fabulous embellished sweater from my recent trunk show and then returned it to the set. It is on my wish list. I’m all about a modern holiday crewneck, especially in my favorite color, hehe. 

Adder sweater from Carlisle / Per Se

Just so you know I’ve been missing you all quite a bit. I’ve been working on my site with a media team and for a short time (actually a few months!) my email subscriber list got a little lost in translation. That’s all fixed, so hello out there, and welcome back, in case you missed me.

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