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moving on while wearing all black

Last Saturday I spoke at a sold-out wellness workshop alongside friend and style colleague Emily Doren of Lace & Day. We were part of a panel of women experts each offering tips and techniques in how to incorporate beautiful balance into our daily lives, a lifestyle concept you know I’m all about. 

Okay, so I spoke, and I touched on many different topics, not really addressing anything I was talking about in detail, and I laugh out loud as I write this, because I know I need some work. My topic was ‘Reignite Your Confidence and Style’, wow. I didn’t practice enough. I even dressed in all black as if ‘don’t look at me I’m not really sure about all this’. It was challenging and uncomfortable and fun and good all at the same time. 

I think it’s good for us all to try things were not really good at and to let the results rest and then to come back and to try again. 

We were seven women all with different stories all communicating different ideas each of us with varying degrees of proficiency speaking in front of a group. I had the least amount of experience and practice and wandered about in topic the most, and I’m letting myself know that that’s okay. 

It’s kind of like my weekly 5:30am ½ mile lap swim. I knew I needed to stretch my fitness routine and to do something different. At first it was horrible, sliding into that pool and swimming laps alongside former collegiate swimmers and needing to switch between freestyle and breaststroke just to keep up and stay afloat. Each week that I put myself in that pool I got a little bit better, and the swim got easier. I simply kept moving on. 

try new things and practice

Here’s my message: try things outside of your comfort zone, and just keep trying. Practice. Don’t pay too much attention to what you think others might be thinking. Time moves fast, and we’re all moving on. I’m coming for you public speaking. 

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  1. Bravo, Rebecca! You continue to inspire us all, simply because you stay REAL. Knowing your focus and determination through your blog posts, it won’t be long before you are on the public speaking circuit. At 61, I also push myself to try new things. My mantra: “Get your hands dirty.” In 2015, I became a volunteer Sous Chef for the homeless in DC. Currently, halfway through a 500-hour teacher training program with Club Pilates. My friends ask why? My answer: it energizes me. Best of Luck!

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