in the mood


Alright, first Monday in February and need to lighten things up. Mondays can be tough, February can be tough, so the two together needed something a little ‘tongue in cheek.’

Dug through photo archives and wanted to post something that might bring a smile to your face, too, if you might be having the Monday in the mood February blues?

Shown here is a photo of cookies every day dress baked for an adult dinner party in February. Yes, last February but wanted to post so that if you are inspired and want to smile or share these sweet treats you have time to do the baking and frosting before that day next week.

Who knew sugar cookie heart cut-outs could be so much fun?


Email if you would like baking tips. Every day dress has baked and decorated a zillion cookies.

Here’s to tomorrow and Tuesday! 🙂


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  1. Needed that little chuckle tonight. Thanks Rebecca!

    • Today was one of those days for sure. Cheers.

  2. omgosh I will be sharing these. now this would be a good business. too bad I can’t bake. Thank s for the laugh!!!

  3. Sooo cute! Thanks for sharing! Just received my edible ink printer and I’m dying to use it!! The possibilities are endless with baking & decorating!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Edible ink printer? Need to know more…coffee soon?

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