make it good


Every day dress has met with some pretty amazing women in the last forty-eight hours.

Jamie, left our lunch together so inspired. Wheat grass shots, loved them, conversation about yoga, positive thinking, positive people and positive interaction, all about that. Thank you.

Amy, you are beautiful. Amazing style, really, really good energy. Would love to meet with you again. Best wishes with the skiing lessons.

Linda, in one hour while having lunch with you kind of felt like I knew your forever. This is really out there but here goes, love your legs. Think I might have to take up running again.

Melissa, your email was so great. Came at the perfect time. I think we all wonder sometimes what are we really doing? Thank you for affirming.

Diana, keep the faith. It seems it’s all about connecting and creating. We’ll make it good.

When your day starts with driving kids, business conference call, drive 160+ miles, meet with incredible women, drive home 160+ miles with one business stopover halfway back, let the dogs out, think OMG what is happening for dinner tonight, have to make it good, stop at the co op, go to 7th grade basketball game, pick up 8th grader from ski club, go home want to collapse but make dinner because that’s what’s been created, twenty-two year old son comes by and shares with you what’s going on in his world, because that dinner thing has been created, and all is good.

Roast a pile of asparagus because that’s so easy, four buffalo medallions with a mixture of Dijon mustard, fresh rosemary, butter, salt and pepper, slice a new loaf of bread and serve with salted butter. While cooking have a little white.

As it was road trip day spent the entire day in the same outfit, all black. Seems to be the best thing to wear when driving and drinking coffee. No outfit photos, it was the regular, black jeans, black turtleneck, black boots. As the outfit was super simple it made it easier to concentrate and focus on everything else that was going on.

Busy days, made good. Thank you all amazing women. Together, we can all make it good.

Sweater on handsome son | Ermenegildo Zegna





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