inspired by Jay-Z


Wednesday nights lamb stew dinner led to Thursday nights excursion to Jay-Z. Bringing the house together for shared meals always leads to learning new things. With two daughters and now two Costa Rica exchange students, the conversation led to pop culture. Next thing we knew husband was online booking five tickets for the following night’s concert. So, me, and four young women, age thirteen to seventeen, have all been inspired by Jay-Z.

Explicit? Yes, of course. He’s a masterful artist and sent me home with the message dream, and believe. My two older daughters, twenty-three and twenty-one, have seen him live many times. When talking to my twenty-three year old on the phone she said, ‘mom, when they show his face close up on the big screens you can really see his age’. I told her I loved that, the depth of character, the experience, the ups and downs and the lines of modern life.

I liked how he was dressed. Mostly all black, you know my favorite, and with an incredible ease of movement. My next days work outfit, I was on the road again and needed to be able to move, oversized necklace especially, inspired by Jay-Z. Thanks, man, I dream, and believe.


Every day dress inspired by Jay-Z. Have a great Saturday everyone.




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