let’s get our red on


IMG_9634IMG_9631IMG_9639IMG_9640IMG_9641IMG_9608Anything to be inspired. Dressed in all black, again, of course, super busy work day, took the red handbag out and put it into rotation. Cooked up some lamb stew, best yet, better than beef or veal, and old-fashioned egg noodles with you’ve got to love it butter and kosher salt.

Let’s get our red on even continues with the fresh-cut. Looked at the tulips, decided on roses and eucalyptus.

Husband gave me the bag for Christmas three years ago. It’s a good one. With St. Valentine’s Day right around the corner, let’s all get our red on. A little cab franc helps, too.

Every day dress will be in Williamsville NY tomorrow, Thursday, January 30th, and Friday, January 31st, at The Village Spa, 10:30 am to 4 pm. Come on in and visit. Stay warm, drive safe.

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  1. Post recipe for lamb stew!!

  2. I picked up red roses & have them on my hall table in a crystal Waterford vase. Beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration

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