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For Monday night business banking dinner with the husband, (he with the stellar credit), went into the wardrobe after a day in denim and chose a six or seven-year old black white tweed dress. Yeah, looking a little curvy, tell all my women curvy is good.

Really had no time, it was an in-office and domestic day so a dress was best. This one still works as it’s sheath shaped, cap-sleeved, crew-necked, and classic  fabric. A little kick pleat in the back, some sheer black stockings, it was a bank dinner after all, and out the door.


The shoes? Fifteen year-old Chanel illusion heel, almost an art piece I’m kind of thinking. Bought those things for the 35th birthday and they’re still hanging around as we close in on the 50. Initially had on suede platform ankle boots, husband nixed those in favor of the more lady-like look. The dinner was held at a gallery, so why not, even if they’re kind of un-walkable. Normally not the every day dress style, we need to move, but sometimes going into the wardrobe for a Monday night out is worth the hard walk. 🙂

Writing this while en route to a quick work trip to Canyon Ranch in Tuscon AZ. Carry-on contents resemble this look here not at all. Looking forward to connecting with women of Worth.

Tweed Dress | Worth New York

Shoe | Chanel

Bag | Dior

Watch | Hermes

(no hyper-linking today, Gogo In Air Online challenges me).

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